Motherís Day Greetings

To My mother,

1)      On the palimpsest of mind image come and vanish. But some images survive whom time cannot diminish. The image I still cherish is that of my mother. However faint the memory is time can never smoother. Though she is not around, from heaven she is seeing whatever I here achieved is the result of her blessing.

2)      She showed me the world, she taught me each word. She raised the hand when I stepped to stand. If I make paper of cloud, ink of sea still I cannot explain how is she.

3)      I love you mother, more than the moon loves its moonlight. I love you mother more than the star loves their twinkling. I love you mother more than the sun loves its brightness. I love you mother more than the clouds loves the sky. I love you mother more than my breath.

4)      You conceived my story, then produced me, you directed me and adapted my screenplay for life. Then you released me a super hit for ever.

5)      Thank you Mom, my mom best mom on earth.

6)      We want to express our greetings to you and to all the mothers of the world through these lines. Aye maa1 Teri surat se alag bhagwaan ki surat kya hogi. Usko nahi dekha huimne kabhi chahat ki zaroorat kya hogi. Aye maa! Long live world mothers.

7)      Roses are red, clouds are blue, my love for you will always be true.

8)      When God seems confused when magic doesnít work, I know you are always around.

9)      You are appreciated beyond comparison for a lifetime of love and unending care. Thanks mom, love you wish you Happy Motherís Day.

10)  The love of a mother is lifeís greatest blessings.

11)  We cannot ever repay your surrendering your dry side of the bed for the wet made by us maa tejhe salam.

12)  Distances and time alone, remind me of your love and care. That I have always taken for granted.

13)  When money matters you are finance minister, when family comes you are home minister, when iam in trouble you are my defence minister. If only they gave you India to run!

14)  Your devotion with affection is the best perfection for appreciation.

15)  You moulded me to make bold like 24 carat gold.

16)  Your devotion is naturalistic, your affection is realistic to make our home synergetic.

17)  Heart insperation and stepping stone in every success.

18)  A special bond between us has grown through years, a wonderful and loving tie that passing time endears.

19)   Sky is the limit. Every country have LoC but your heartly love have no limit, no LoC. It is abyss. I pray for your long life, happiness and to keep you healthy and wealthy.

20)  Nothing is imposible when we have your support.  

21)  We will never let a problem touch you because in your happiness lies our happiness. Hope this day brings you more happiness than ever we wish happy motherís day.

22)  From the heart of God fell a piece of gold, Godís plan for me of love to unfold. A perfect mother he gifted me. To make me what I ought to be. I owe to her all my success in life. I thank her for every pain and strife. Happy motherís day momji love.

23)  Most kind woman, O I love her, teacher of me, her experience, expectations are Respectable.

24)  In this wider world where the faith has lost iots way there is someone to be belived. Happy.

25)  The perfect image of sacrifice, love, carring, patience without any regret.

26)  You made us shine with your light, we betrayed the dark. Now we will twinkle with your blessings and conquer the path.

27)  I thank God, he gave me such a lovely mother. Who taught me everything in my mother very much.

28)  I love you and I will be forever grateful for all the sacrifices you have made for me. You are my only role model.

29)  Mother Who never grows old, moulded her heart of pure gold.

30)  I feel four presence when I am sad and tense.  

31)  I am the richest, because she is my friend, God and mother, need I say further?

32)  Itís a symbol of true nature beauty Holy queen.

33)  You are like an open book which gives an innocent look.

34)  M: My O: outstanding, T: thoughtful, H: humorous, E: Eager to help, R: Religious person.

35)  To express my love how will a greeting suffice, a precious ocen of feelings, what will words price, hundred lives I get, I dedicate to you, I always remain a debtor to you.

36)  May the cloud brust with glee, and take away the heat,. Wherever you, dear mom, put forth your feet.

37)  You bloom like flowers, and sparkle like stars at night. Mom you are my day and night.

38)  Life without you mother is a bird without feather. Life now is quite deep and dark, yet you taught us height of the lark. You showed me the sky when on your laps I lie. My heart with joy will only say happy Motherís day.

39)  I can fly higher than an eagle, cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

40)  Mom is the valuable gift of God got by a few. Kindness package love bagful meri mom simply wonderful and greatest.